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Social media management

Social media management

What does your social media management say about you? More than just another channel to sell your products or services, social media is best used when it’s built around your brand and engages your audiences with valuable content that makes you worth following.

Don’t have an effective social media strategy?

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Customers increasingly want to find out about and interact with businesses on Twitter and Facebook, rather than picking up the phone. Your prospects want to see what your business is tweeting about, and they want to read interesting blogs and news posts that can lead them to your website.

However, for many businesses, social media management is a task that is often overlooked. It’s all too easy to think: “I’ll tweet that tomorrow” or, “I must post that LinkedIn update next week” but in a world where information spreads at supersonic speed and can be old news in a matter of minutes, social media management always needs to be done right now. And that’s why we’re here.

At Oxford Content Company we understand that a social media strategy is more than just posting a few updates online; it’s about engaging with customers and fellow businesses. It involves analysing website stats, researching what’s popular within the market, and what’s not so popular, and tailoring your posts according to the latest trends. It involves pushing your brand at every opportunity, creating a real online presence in your market and understanding how to mitigate reputational risks. These are just a few reasons why social media management should be a focal aspect of your business marketing strategy but, most importantly, social media is essential to give your business a voice.

There are a number of ways we can work with you to review, audit or tweak your social media strategy – or if necessary, implement an entirely new strategy from scratch.

We can:

  • Meet with you to find out what you want to achieve through social media management, and make it our priority to get you there
  • Manage the daily process for you, and send you regular progress reports
  • Create and boost your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, ensuring they accurately reflect your brand
  • Advise on a tone of voice that will portray your business in a way that suits you and your prospective customers
  • Ensure you understand how social media can make or break a reputation, and work to protect your own
  • Work on a strategy to encourage an upswing in social media followers – and consequently, in website visitors
  • Create time-bound social media campaigns to support your marketing activities and build your brand
For proven results and an engaged client base, contact our social media team. We can deliver cost-effective social media management that really works.

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