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Our proofreading and copyediting services are on hand to help, giving you the reassurance you need that your content is polished, professional and persuasive.

If a businesses written content contains mistaiks: do you have confidence in there service’s?

Written content will always reflect on the business itself. If content contains typos and bad grammar – and yes, even errant apostrophes – audiences will get the impression that the business takes the same lack of care with their services and with their customers.

Sometimes errors in content come about as a result of a lack of understanding or training in how to write effectively, but usually they are honest mistakes that the writer simply hasn’t spotted. It’s often when you’re most familiar with a piece of writing that you can accidentally overlook the little problems. These mistakes can negatively impact the credibility of your brand, costing you leads and sales.

Not sure which of these two services you need?

Let's take a look at the differences between them:

  • Copyediting: This service provides more of an in-depth review than a basic proofread; our copyeditor’s aim is to maximise the impact of your drafted copy. You often have just one chance to attract the attention of your target audience, so copyediting is a great way to make sure your words are not only well written, but interesting and exciting for the reader too. We can ensure that references are set out in the correct way; we will work on grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalisation and problems with syntax; we can also make recommendations on how to write numbers, foreign words, quotations, and when to use italics or quotation marks.
  • Proofreading: This is the minimum quality assurance check that all written content should undergo. A second pair of eyes is essential for ensuring that all those little slip-ups are caught. Our professional proofreaders will scrutinise your copy for minor mistakes in spelling, punctuation and spacing. Only when we’re certain it’s perfect will we approve the article, blog, advert, web content or press release for publishing.
"We have used Oxford Content Company for their proofreading and copyediting services for a number of years. The team are very pleasant to work with and always meet the deadlines we set them. We also think their services are excellent value for money and we look forward to working with them regularly."
- Head of Marketing and Communications, Nominet Trust
So if you’re hazy on your z's and s's, your ‘there’s’ and ‘theirs’, or your " and '; or if you want your copy to work harder for you to generate an improved return on your time and investment, contact us for value-for-money proofreading and copyediting services.

We listen, we write.

If you'd like to discuss a project or find out how we can help please get in touch.
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