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Copywriting for awards

Copywriting for awards

Have you thought about entering your organisation to win an award? Or has the sheer amount of work involved put you off? Entering awards can be seriously time-consuming, and drafting submissions is a real art form.

So why should you do it?

Well, let’s start with the rewards of entering award competitions, which you can benefit from whether you win or not:

  • They raise awareness of your brand, helping to generate leads from new prospects, and increase revenue
  • They position your organisation as a leader in your field, and place you leaps and bounds ahead of competitors
  • They provide lots of fresh content for PR, blogs and social media to demonstrate your organisation’s excellence
  • They help to boost morale in your current workforce, and attract new talent in the form of high-flying, driven candidates
  • They encourage innovation, enabling you to see where you stand in relation to other competitors and learn where you can improve

So they really are worth the time they take - but this doesn’t mean you need to give up your own time! Our award entry copywriters have years of experience in writing winning award entries for businesses, so there’s no need to go it alone (and it’s likely your competitors will be outsourcing to award entry writers too).

First, we’ll interview you at your office or over the telephone. Then we'll write the award entry, telling your story concisely and presenting your work in the best possible light. We have lots of experience in helping clients to win, so we have a good idea of the 'secret sauce' that judging panels are looking for.

You already know your work is excellent, however it’s always beneficial to have a fresh pair of eyes involved; we may even be able to draw out some of the benefits that you may take for granted too.

We write award entry copy each and every year, and our team of award entry copywriters have proven success, with clients coming back to us time and time again for more award copywriting services.

"The Oxford Content Company team has worked with me on numerous high-profile award entries and every year their work delivers shortlistings and wins. As a result I have seen companies generate increased awareness and also revenue. Writing award entries is a skill that takes time, understanding and patience. Oxford Content Company has all three of these and are trusted award entry copywriters. I would recommend their award entry copywriting services to anybody that would like to win an award."
- Managing Partner, Junction Marketing Agency

If industry awards are on your wish-list, but you’ve never taken the plunge, contact us. Here at Oxford Content Company our award entry copywriters can write your entry quickly and efficiently, and with an understanding of what makes a winning formula. We love seeing our clients gain well-deserved recognition in awards ceremonies, so it’s in our best interests to do an outstanding job for you.

We listen, we write.

If you'd like to discuss a project or find out how we can help please get in touch.
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