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Why use video for business?

Businesses are employing video to make their communications direct, friendly, pithy and simple – what might take a whole page of text to explain, could take just two minutes or less on film.


Video is growing…
Companies are definitely getting on board with video: over 75% of executives watch a work-related video at least once a week (Ragan). It’s no wonder that marketing budgets are making way for video – with more than six in 10 B2B marketers increasing their video spending plans. (

Plus, it’s a trend that’s not going away – by 2017, Cisco predicts that video will account for over 69% of total consumer traffic. People are moving away from the literal to the physical; in fact, maybe we’ll be doing our future blog articles as video!

Video will help your discoverability
With search marketing becoming such a key influence on outbound marketing efforts, video can really help to give you the upper hand. According to Ragan, “it's 50 times easier to get a video to rank on the first page of Google than other content types.” And the aspect of sharing means that video really comes into its own because we are far more likely to share a short video with our peers than a 500-word article on the same thing.

Video and your brand
Video can also benefit your company credibility; increasingly words alone cannot convince your prospects. Today’s more marketing-savvy audience wants to see real people earnestly talking about their products and services rather than some flash copy. A note though: engagement with your brand is far more likely to occur if you choose voice-overs or talking heads with people who are enthusiastic and professional. Video is not for robotic repeaters or wallflowers; choose presenters who have confidence and are at ease in front of the camera.

Getting creative with what you have
Choosing to make or commission a video opens up a whole bunch of opportunities; you can choose to do something realistic, something that’s a little bit off the wall or something that injects humour into your brand. You don’t have to use a talking head – the field’s wide open for you to experiment with animation or effects. In some ways video is more flexible than text, which requires the reader to imagine situations – you can show them instead. Just make sure that you’re not making a video for the sake of making one however  – for some messages, text or an infographic might be better than a full film. 

Making a video has never been easier. Good media / marketing agencies now take the hard work out of a shoot for you. 

Messages with a difference

Developing an email messaging campaign that clicks through to a video on your site is more likely to create a response than if you offered a free eBook or white paper. So it’s well worth thinking about video when you plan your targeted marketing efforts. Also, remember that it’s not enough to just put it on your website – use all your other social media channels and communications to point people to your new videos, and ensure you’ve uploaded it to the usual video sites (YouTube, Vimeo etc.).

However you choose to go about your video marketing, we have some helpful advice and can work with you to create and promote professional corporate videos. Send us a message for more information.

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