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Why social media management across Oxfordshire (and beyond) is too important to ignore

Social media management. Those three little words are enough to strike fear into even the most tech savvy. The whole process can be a minefield with so much to think about, from scheduling posts and increasing followers, to sharing links and encouraging engagement. Social media management is time consuming, complicated and can be costly, but in an age where the internet is growing at an alarming speed, it’s too important to ignore. Here at Oxford Content Company we’ve put together five reasons why social media management is a must for your business.

Social media

1) It helps boost your site’s search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO is another term that might cause minor panic and confusion. It’s a clever way of attracting higher numbers of website visitors and, in turn, increasing a website’s ranking on major search engines. Having well-planned social media techniques can help boost the SEO of your website at the same time, effectively working on two strategies at once. The more active your business is on social media, the more likely it will rank highly on the search engine results pages (SERPs). This is where your location comes into play – you can tweet about Oxfordshire and share local news stories, giving your audience relevant information while upping your Google ranking at the same time.

2) It can lead to real business relationships

The beauty of social media is that it allows you to interact with customers and fellow business owners, building relationships without attending conferences or face-to-face meetings. With the right marketing strategy, you could be tapping into a whole new client base from the comfort of your own home or office. You can also get to know your customer base before approaching them. Twitter is great for allowing an insight into their daily lives: What are they buying? Where in Oxfordshire do they go? Your marketing strategy could also be adjusted accordingly.

3) Everyone else is doing it

Almost everyone has a Facebook account these days. And a Twitter and an Instagram account. This is becoming the norm for businesses too. Day after day we see new accounts and new local businesses entering the social sphere, all with an aim of increasing their online presence and generating more web traffic. Competition is fierce; if your competitors get to your potential customers first by following and engaging with them online, you’ll find it hard to win them over and convince them to choose you instead. By not having an active social media strategy you’ll fall behind in the race to stay current, but if you’re active on multiple networks your competitors will have to play catch-up instead.

4) It drives more traffic to your site

Having a social media strategy is like having an extra webpage on your site. Multiple social channels give you different ways to promote your website, driving more traffic towards it and, in turn, boosting your SERPs. You can tweet about almost anything, and if it’s relevant to your business or to local Oxfordshire news that’s even better! Once you’ve structured your social media schedule, you can use the tweets or Facebook statuses to subtly link back to your website.

5) It enables you to interact immediately

As well as giving your business a voice, social media management allows you to interact immediately if there’s an issue with a product or service. If someone has taken to Twitter to rant about customer service, you’ll be able to instantly respond, address the situation and reduce the risk of them spreading negative feedback.

These are just a few reasons why Oxfordshire social media management is becoming increasingly important for your business – it really is too big to ignore! Don’t have time to set up or manage your own accounts? Contact us for simple, fuss-free social media management.

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