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Why choosing an Oxfordshire-based digital marketing agency is the smart choice

In the wake of digital agency day, we discuss how choosing an Oxfordshire-based digital marketing agency to help you with your marketing content is a smart choice for 2016.

Here are seven reasons why picking an Oxfordshire digital marketing agency is perfect for big and small businesses alike. 

  1. Save on interim marketing costs
    Waiting for the right person to come along for a marketing position can mean that certain tasks get pushed to the bottom of the list while your existing staff are coping with the extra responsibilities. A digital marketing agency can act as your temporary support staff during the recruitment process. It’s also great to get an agency involved when you’ve got a huge project on – it’ll save time and money searching recruitment channels for a contracted worker to help out when times are busy.

  2. Get a fresh perspective on your stale content
    Digital copywriting agencies know what kind of writing works and what really doesn’t. You may think that getting someone in the company to write your website copy and your blog posts is a great idea, but if they don’t have a natural flair for writing, your copy could fall foul of its intended goals. Unlike the people in your team, freelancers and agencies have a certain distance from your copy that allows us to ascertain problems with your messaging and suggest ways for it to really hit harder.

  3. Have someone to respond to social media
    Lots of companies just don’t have the time or energy to keep up a strong social media presence. Agencies can take on the role of your social commentator, developing, scheduling and responding with social content that works. Often the person who’s doing the brunt of the social work in your company may not have the right ideas on what to tweet/post, and that can lead to embarrassment for you if they choose something inappropriate or tweet with spelling/grammar mistakes. Agency workers spend time looking at what others are tweeting and deciding what will build a professional following, and thoroughly check each message to ensure there are no mistakes.

  4. Get a quick turnaround
    Agencies have pretty fast response times and don’t get flustered by content tasks that need to be done quickly. Most marketing agencies employ freelance experts to get the job done, so they always have people ready for action, whatever you throw at them. They’ll also develop detailed plans for longer marketing jobs so you can see what is being done and when, to ensure your audience gets regular, uninterrupted content updates.

  5. Let them be your marketing department
    Not everyone can afford to employ a marketing person on a daily basis to get the work done. An agency is perfect for becoming your marketing arm when you don’t have one. That’s why we’re ideal for small businesses - we can get started on marketing your products and services to your audience, freeing you up for sales calls, etc. But not only do you benefit from having new content for your website and social channels, with an agency you can benefit from marketing expertise too. So we can make suggestions for every part of your offering to ensure you’re contacting prospects at the right time, using the right methods, on the right platforms.

  6. Develop an inbound strategy
    We’ve written lots about why inbound is a must-have for pretty much all business nowadays. Choosing just to go down the outbound route ignores what your audience responds to best, as tests have shown that inbound is far more effective (and cheaper) than a lot of outbound strategies. Choosing a content agency that knows inbound inside and out means that your company can have a better strategy to draw people to your site, and by using content that gets them to stay and learn more.

  7. Choose local for quick results
    As an Oxfordshire-based digital marketing agency we are uniquely placed for quick face to face meetings with any London, South and Midlands-located clients. Having a small agency nearby means you can schedule in quick update meetings, have them join in your own strategy meetings, or even have them host marketing meetings for you. 

Digital marketing agencies can alleviate pressures on your marketing department, offer insight and create great copy – all at the same time. If you’re without marketing, employing an agency is a way to talk to your prospective clients like never before. It is the smart choice for marketing tasks big and small. Just contact us to discuss your marketing needs and how we can get started on helping you become better.

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