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Top B2B content marketing trends to adopt for 2016

2016 is now upon us and some of you will have already developed your B2B marketing strategy for the year, but there are some key areas of content marketing you might want to consider when putting it into action.

2016 new year

In order to stay ahead of the game we present the six top content trends that are going to be everywhere in 2016 – might be time to reorganise that marketing plan!

  • Increased emphasis on data collection and testing
    In the early days of web marketing it was difficult to truly gauge the success of your campaigns. But now, with increased exposure to analytics and in-depth reporting, we can find out why some campaigns failed dismally and others were incredibly popular.
    2016 will see more marketers taking an interest in the data side of campaign monitoring, and bettering the next activity through knowledge obtained in analytics on social media, Google and their own website.
  • Long-form pieces and ‘tricky’ content
    Google’s Knowledge Graph now encompasses more long-tailed keywords than ever before, so that people can ask voice assistants like Google Voice Search or Siri tricky questions and get instant answers, without needing to click webpages. This means that next year there won’t be much need for website soundbite content that addresses specific questions. Instead, longer form content such as storytelling, or writing that addresses difficult, hard-to-find topics, might win out.
  • For content, less is more
    It used to be that constantly posting to all your sites at all hours of the day was the ideal, but as the steady stream of content grows, the more you post doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in traffic to your site. Instead of firing off five posts a month and tweeting every hour, it might be more fitting, say marketing experts, to create one or two great blogs for that month and tweet when you have something worthwhile to say.
  • Become a ‘go-to’ site
    There’s only so much time in the day, so people tend to rely on certain news channels and websites to feed them information. In 2016, it will be a good idea to try and make your site one of those that belongs in this shortlist by providing an interesting site with entertaining and informative content that they’ll want to go back to, again and again.

  • Better personalised content
    For the past few years, personalised content has been all the rage, but it’s mainly static communications like email that have benefitted from it. But now, with the popularity of social media channels, we can personalise adverts like never before on Facebook pages, and on Twitter feeds. 2016 will see personalisation on a greater scale – it’s already being seen with real viewers’ names appearing on Nutella adverts and the creepy but amazing Take this Lollipop. Yes, it’s a cautionary tale that we share too much on social media, but as this trend is set to continue, watch out for more personalised, targeted marketing coming at your audience.
  • Interactive digital experiences
    This year, we have started to see a lot of quizzes, games and interactive content, once the preserve of B2C marketers, moving into the B2B realm. These little bits of content are often great for retention and lead generation, but also can really help to narrow choices for a B2B audience who simply have too many options to choose from. For example a quiz to help you find out what kind of marketing rockstar you are, might help you to decide what types of marketing training and information systems you need.

In 2016, we predict that a lot of these areas are going to become more popular, but one of the overarching strategies that’s key is the idea that many B2C strategies are now working for a B2B audience. It’s not about distinctions in terms of whether a customer is at home or at work. Many of your audience might be researching for work stuff out of hours or accessing social media for their business. For next year, if your marketing is to work harder, it needs to encompass the strategy of the individual, not the persona.

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