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The struggle for good roi content measurement

According to a new report by B2B Marketing the most difficult prospect businesses are facing in their marketing is measuring and reporting ‘good’ ROI.


A lot of businesses:

  • Haven’t got enough of a data strategy in place
  • Don’t have detailed analytics for reporting
  • Won’t have joined up their content to real actions

In this post we discuss the ways in which marrying great content with detailed and accurate data can give you better ROI and the ability to measure it too.

Great ROI starts with great content
Even if you have the best analytics program in the world, your activity reports are going to look pretty poor if you haven’t got something that gets you noticed in the first place. There’s a deluge of content, both on and offline, which could be picked up by your customers or clients. To try and get your stuff read/watched/seen by the right people, we suggest using these two content strategies:

Diversify: Some people love an interesting infographic, others like to digest a white paper. Some might only have time to quickly glance at a blog post or watch a short video. Trying out various methods of reaching your audience is paramount to your ROI. We recommend thinking about providing videos as well as long and short written pieces – that way your customers can pick and choose.

Direct: What’s your content really for? Lead generation. A clear and attractive CTA (call to action) at the bottom, middle or side of your content (or all three!) is the best way to get people to link through to your landing pages and submit their details to you, and having a CTA is also a pretty good way to measure your ROI, too.

Make it easy to find you
Sometimes, it can feel like the posts and comments that you generate are being chucked into a big black hole, never to be seen by anyone again. Expose your content by ensuring that you’ve got some SEO protocols in place. Tagging, headers and keywords can all help to get stuff seen and read by the right people. And of course, telling everyone about what you’ve just posted doesn’t hurt; so make sure you’ve got a few links to your content from your social media networks, and that you feature links in your promotional e-shots.

If you really want to ramp up your discoverability, consider developing ads on social media that link through to your website. A boosted post on Facebook (so that your content appears on a targeted audience’s news feed), a Google AdWords campaign, or the use of a Twitter Card could all be of benefit, but they do involve budgeting, so research which ones your audience uses the most and test the waters first with an ad that’s got a short run time.

Measuring what matters
With automated analytics programs you can measure and report on a whole host of fascinating stats relating to your customers, which can really help with future targeting (i.e. geographic, time and demographic data). But for ROI, there are really only three things that matter:

  • How many visits to your site
  • How many clicks on your CTA link
  • How many people filled out your form

It’s great if you have thousands of views on YouTube, but if your customers can’t make the link between the video to your site, then it’s all for nothing. Visits and impressions are still soft stats though, as they can’t really be used to show ROI. So it’s essential that you are providing CTAs to pull them further down the marketing funnel.

How does this relate back to your bottom line? The truth is that content marketing isn’t an exact science; it is notoriously difficult to find ways to relate everything that your marketing teams are doing back to budget. It’s also difficult to estimate how much ROI you will get from each of your content pieces. But having great content, an SEO framework, a clear sharing strategy and good analytics will help pin them down that little bit more.

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