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Reasons to love blogging

Across Oxfordshire and the UK, billboards and buses, websites and TV screens are constantly pasted with new and eye-catching ways of getting product information in front of people. But how many people really love an endless stream of adverts? They’re functional, sure, but what if there was a way of boosting sales while creating something that people actually want to see?

love blogging

Blogs bridge this divide perfectly. They act as information that people actively seek out, while being effective channels for generating leads and sales. Here’s why we think you should love the blog.

Google loves blogs

You know the importance of high rankings on search engines. Results that aren’t on the first page of Google may as well not exist. Blogging can actually help to push you up the rankings. You may not have many pages on your website, but for each article you write you’ll create another page indexed on Google – and another chance to appear in people’s search results.

Blogs help you master search engine optimisation (SEO) too. The Google Keyword Planner can help you to research keywords, which – provided they’re used to the right density and there isn’t lots of competition using those exact same words – will help Google see your content as being fresh, and reward your articles with higher rankings.

Also, companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website. And if your piece is engaging enough to gain links from other authoritative websites, you’re sure to see the SEO benefits.

Social media loves blogs

Your social media team (no matter whether this is a team of writers, or just you) are always looking for new campaigns and content. When you write a blog, not only do you have an engaging ‘long-form’ piece of work, you also have an instant wellspring of facts, figures and ideas that you can extract to use in your social media channels for days – or perhaps even weeks. Not only will this show your existing audiences that you have lots of fresh information for them, you will also provide sharable content which could attract new prospects to your website.

Your customers love blogs

Prospective customers have so many options for researching businesses now before starting a relationship with them. If they stumble upon your website, then that’s a great start. But what if their access point to you was an informative, interesting article which demonstrated your passion for your product? By showing your authority on relevant issues, you can mark yourself from the competition. By creating topical content, you’re illustrating you’re up to date with current trends. Blogs are also a great place to tackle the questions and concerns that customers may often have when approaching you. All of this helps to generate that all-important currency for business relationships – trust.

Your sales team love blogs

And here’s the big benefit for you. Blogs aren’t all about giving knowledge away for free. Supplement your pieces with offers to download your whitepapers, listen to your webinars, or take up a trial period of your service. These are powerful ways to convert your leads into customers. Just make sure these calls to action incorporate a webform for your prospects so you can capture their details.

Perhaps the best reason to love blogging is that not everyone has wised up to its benefits yet, despite that fact that companies who prioritise blogging are 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI!

If you want to stand out from other UK businesses, we definitely recommend you start to love blogging. And if you don’t have the time, or aren’t quite sure what you should be writing about, we would love to help. Oxford Content Company has a team of writers with tons of blogging experience. Contact us here.

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