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Is Content as a Service (CaaS) the future of content marketing?

CaaS is quite simply an acronym for ‘Content as a Service’. It’s fast becoming a significant area of marketing that’s helping to push businesses forward online. Research by the Content Marketing Institute has discovered that 88% of marketers employed in B2B marketing are producing at least one piece of written content every day. It also revealed that it’s not only marketers who are having to produce this content, but also those who work in sales – or anyone who needs to produce customer-facing content.

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Why is content marketing vital for a business?

It’s essential that CaaS becomes a significant element of your marketing planning to ensure you’re your content is effective, impactful and regular. You may be the best marketer in the world, but if you can’t regularly produce persuasive and informative content you probably won’t get the same results as someone who’s an expert in this field.

The benefits of CaaS

Using a reputable company that provides CaaS means you’re regularly communicating with your target audience and staying front of mind. Your content will be:

  • fresh and original
  • written to specifically target your audiences/personas
  • suitable for multiple channels, including websites, blogs, email campaigns, white papers etc.
  • relevant, search engine optimised and informative, to help your business rise up through Google’s rankings
  • positioning your brand as knowledgeable and informative
  • a consistent stream, to give your brand the best chances of exposure
  • a channel to regularly promote your unique selling points
  • joined up and aligned to your brand values

Why duplicated content can destroy your brand

You may have a fantastic website, but if the content is duplicated online, then it’s almost pointless having it there. In fact, Google puts a black mark against any duplicated content, so you could be damaging the reputation and ranking of your brand instead of promoting it. It’s critical for businesses to be meticulous about their content. If all departments are creating content it needs to be carefully monitored to ensure there’s no duplication. CaaS offers not only fresh and original written content, but it’s also a guaranteed service that strictly avoids duplication.

Is CaaS the future of content marketing?

Relevant content gives your brand exposure, it can target existing and new audiences, generate leads and increase your potential to become an authority brand. In fact, content marketing has become such a large part of marketing that it’s near impossible for any business to keep all content writing in-house. Ensuring your website has original, informative and personalised content is vital if you want to succeed. Yet it is time consuming to create and this is why so many organisations are now outsourcing to content marketing or CaaS agencies. CaaS is a reality for some already and we predict this will continue to grow in the future.

We can be your CaaS agency of choice. Contact our content marketing team to find out how.

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