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5 steps to smarter content marketing

focus content marketing

Does creating content sometimes feel like an unwanted chore, even if people are telling you it should be an increasingly important part of your marketing activity?

Are you lost as to where to find inspiration, how to present your content, and looking for ways to make the constant creation of content easier?

Working smarter rather than harder is a challenge worth accepting to get results that will raise your online profile and help drive real returns.

Our top five content marketing tips will get you started:

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The case of the exploding probe: what’s the cost of NOT proofreading and copyediting?

probe take off

You’ve lined up a blog series for the next few months, or perhaps you’re getting ready to launch your fully integrated campaign of white papers, social media and marketing materials. The content is fresh and fantastic, and it looks ready to go. Before you hit that ‘publish’ button, think for a moment – has it gone through a copyediting and proofreading stage?

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Is Content as a Service (CaaS) the future of content marketing?

group discuss ideas

CaaS is quite simply an acronym for ‘Content as a Service’. It’s fast becoming a significant area of marketing that’s helping to push businesses forward online. Research by the Content Marketing Institute has discovered that 88% of marketers employed in B2B marketing are producing at least one piece of written content every day. It also revealed that it’s not only marketers who are having to produce this content, but also those who work in sales – or anyone who needs to produce customer-facing content.

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Reasons to love blogging

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Across Oxfordshire and the UK, billboards and buses, websites and TV screens are constantly pasted with new and eye-catching ways of getting product information in front of people. But how many people really love an endless stream of adverts? They’re functional, sure, but what if there was a way of boosting sales while creating something that people actually want to see?

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A quick guide to SEO copywriting

SEO arrows

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and beautiful copywriting can be conflicting players in the marketing world. SEO focuses on pleasing the search engines, whereas copywriting focuses more on pleasing readers (giving them the information they want in an easily readable format).

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Anyone can write copy… right?

Content marketing is absolutely huge at the minute and it’s a top business focus for many SMEs. In fact: “Fifty-five percent of B2B small-business marketers say they will spend more on their content marketing over the next 12 months.” (Content Marketing Institute). 

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7 top tips for easy award entry writing

Writing winning award entries can take hours and many companies just don’t have the manpower to do it. Yet winning an industry recognised award can reap big rewards in terms of positive PR and new business opportunities so it’s one thing not to miss out on each year. Find out about our award entry secret sauce by reading our 7 easy tips for award entry copywriting

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Crafting the perfect content poem & the 4 vs

You may have heard of Paid, Earned and Owned Media (POEM) or it may be new to you. Yet POEM is becoming increasingly important for getting to a good position in web searches, and analysing the success of your campaigns.

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Using inbound ‘content honey’ to win customers

In content marketing pretty much everything we write has the central aim of obtaining and developing leads. But transforming a prospect into a definite, interested lead isn’t easy, particularly when B2B customers have become increasingly cynical about any form of advertising or paid media. A recent study by found that 70% of business decision makers prefer to get company information from an article rather than an ad.

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Our 7 top tips for effective website content

A few years ago people used to say that your website was a shop window for your brand, but since then we believe it’s evolved into so much more. Not only should it be showing off your wares but also be packed full of dynamic content. Rather than a shop window it should be more of a marketplace with visitors picking and choosing great quality food (i.e.content).

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