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Anyone can write copy… right?

Content marketing is absolutely huge at the minute and it’s a top business focus for many SMEs. In fact: “Fifty-five percent of B2B small-business marketers say they will spend more on their content marketing over the next 12 months.” (Content Marketing Institute). 

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For that reason, lots of businesses are tasking their already stretched in-house team with writing a steady stream of new content for their website, including white papers, blog posts, opinion pieces and news items. Sometimes it’s left to the new intern (who hasn’t got a clue about your business) or a senior member of your staff (who’s just way too busy to dedicate time to doing it properly), and so it falls down the list.

It is incredibly important to have writers who understand how to craft a brilliant short or long piece that’s perfect for your business. There’s a lot of pretty rubbish content out there and you want to be able to cut through that and be found by the right people.

That’s why we recommend that you consider outsourcing your content to a copywriting agency. And it’s not just because we are an agency – it’s because we’ve been in your position as a client, and we’ve seen how content issues can become deprioritised over time. So here are our top 5 reasons to employ a copywriter:

  1. They know how to make the boring seem amazing
    When you’ve got a complicated offering you end up writing a complicated, detailed piece that only your experts would understand. Good copywriters look at writing from a different angle – often it’s not about spec or sales patter but being friendly, addressing customer needs and pain points, while suggesting a better solution. No topic is too dull – copywriters see beyond a product’s complexities to the strong, customer-focused benefits hiding within.
  2. You'll be more effective
    Time is money to your business so if you ask an employee to dedicate their time to writing (and they’re not that experienced) then they might take a day to write something. One day per week (roughly eight hours) spent on content writing, say if they’re paid £30 an hour, that’s £240 per piece of content that’s written. Copywriters would probably be able to knock up the same piece in half the time, for less, and with fewer workday distractions. Choosing to outsource also means that that employee can spend more time on strategy and devising ways to grow your business.
  3. You get more than just a written document
    If you choose to use a professional copywriter / agency you’ll get more value. They can help suggest titles that work, analyse the content you already have, develop some customer profiling and help to fully inform your content strategy.
  4. No more flaws
    There is nothing worse than hastily written copy that’s had a cursory check and is full of schoolboy mistakes and errors. It seriously undermines what your company is trying to say and affects the credibility of your brand. Copywriters are pedants and love language so they get to the point precisely with well-constructed prose that’s designed to grab attention and motivate action.
  5. Keep the focus
    If you choose a copywriter who specialises in certain areas, chances are they’re already familiar with the sorts of audiences that you want to reach and how to reach them. They will carry out extensive research into your product, what customers are saying and any relevant news items. They can identify hooks that you weren’t aware of and develop content that you can be proud of. Good writers can emulate a tone and bearing in all their copy that fits best with what your company aims for, so even though it’s their writing it’ll sound like it comes from you.

Copywriting is an art form, so employ an artist, not a painter and decorator, and you’ll soon be creating masterpieces that people want to come and see.

What do you think? Got any other reasons to employ a copywriter, or do you feel that it’s best served by an in-house team? Let us know.

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