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7 top tips for easy award entry writing

Writing winning award entries can take hours and many companies just don’t have the manpower to do it. Yet winning an industry recognised award can reap big rewards in terms of positive PR and new business opportunities so it’s one thing not to miss out on each year. Find out about our award entry secret sauce by reading our 7 easy tips for award entry copywriting

  1. Choose and plan your awards carefully and find out the deadlines
    We suggest spending a day up front to create an awards calendar so you have a yearly view of what’s coming up. You could share this across your organisation too. Check the deadlines and schedule in a good month to get your info together and your award written.
  2. Check the categories and criteria
    Chosen the award that looks right for you? Brilliant! A word of caution however. We recommend you check the categories, criteria and the questions carefully before making a start. If there’s an area you don’t feel you have any decent examples for, it might be worth thinking again. Entering awards is highly competitive and you’ll need to make sure you meet every requirement before starting your entry. Clever copywriting or thinking outside the box can help – it’s all about how you position your achievements. 
  3. Put yourself in the judges’ shoes
    Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience, the judging panel. Remember they know nothing about you, your organisation or the campaign / activity you are promoting. Don’t write too creatively, it’s not about creative writing. Write clearly and concisely (taking into account any word count limits). The judges just want to find out about what you did, why and how, and what happened as a result. Make it an easy read and you’re halfway there.
  4. See the signs
    Read the award entry questions carefully and don’t get carried away with what you think you should be writing about. The questions have been written as signposts for you to follow. Take a look and you’ll see that often after each question there may be additional pointers so read each of these carefully and address those too. Also refer back to the judges’ criteria found at the beginning of many award entries – you’ll need to make sure you meet all their requirements. 
  5. Create conclusions
    If you’ve been asked about your campaign objectives demonstrate how you have met them. If you’ve written about your challenges, explain how you’ve overcome them. Think about the storytelling trend - create a story and answer every question in the judges’ minds. Don’t leave the judges saying, ‘hang on, what happened there then?’
  6. Cry out for award writing assistance
    If you’re writing your own award entries that’s brilliant. We recommend allowing at least three days to write one entry (also schedule in extra time for the prep: research, internal and client interviews, number crunching etc.) so you’ll need to make sure you have lots of resource available. Alternatively an award writing agency can take the task off your hands for a really reasonable cost. Your award entries will get completed quickly and effectively – and are highly likely to score you a trophy – plus all the kudos that goes with it. 
  7. Get your razzmatazz on
    This is the fun bit. Get shopping for a new dress or tux and get ready for a big night out (think celeb appearances, bubbles, tasty dinner, fairground rides, and some razzmatazz of course). You’ll need to look your best when you climb the stairs to the stage to collect your prize. Final tip: start on the champers after climbing those stairs!

If you would like to enter into industry awards this year and need help with your award entry copywriting please contact the Oxford Content Company team by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’ve a plethora of award entry wins under our belts and can work on all of the above for you.

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