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7 reasons why you need to invest in case studies

With an ever growing number of reviews, recommendations and star ratings now accessible online, it is vital that businesses keep track of what is being said about them.

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How case studies can unlock multiple benefits for your business

Harnessed correctly, businesses can use what their customers say to drive their content marketing strategy. Identifying, researching and writing a series of case studies is one way that businesses can achieve this.

Case studies are often considered a time-consuming task but by employing the services of a case study copywriter you can shape how you are being represented online and promote your business through honest, detail-driven storytelling.

Here are just seven reasons why we believe businesses need to invest in case studies.

1. The power of good storytelling

A well-written case study can bring any product to life. Unlike traditional product and sales collateral, it allows you to tell a story about your product, and the impact it is having, in a compelling way. A good case study copywriter will create these stories so they mirror the challenges and needs of your target audience. With a bank of real-world case studies at their disposal, everyone from your sales team to your CEO can share these success stories and demonstrate how your product is making a difference.

2. All the social proof you need

Your customers are looking for evidence of how your product can overcome a problem they have and they want proof of real impact. Case studies are an invaluable asset when it comes to demonstrating how your product has been implemented successfully. They draw on first hand experiences from real people and organisations. This social proof can be strengthened further by filming a customer talking about their experience on camera. The production of a video case study helps to make the story you are telling more authentic and accessible.

3. Straight from the horse’s mouth

Trust is a vital component of any relationship and it’s particularly important when it comes to business-to-business. Case studies are a great way of growing that trust. They allow potential customers to hear from your existing ones. You can demonstrate how a customer has used and benefitted from your product or service in a way that helps to build their confidence in your business.

4. Take back control of your brand

Online reviews can be great but they don’t necessarily concur with your brand’s core proposition or brand guidelines. How many times have you read a review of your product and cringed at the excessive use of caps lock, multiple exclamation marks, or worse, the incorrect spelling of your product name? This is why professionally written case studies are so worthwhile. You provide customers with an opportunity to share their positive experiences of your product or brand, yet retain control over how you are positioned and the production quality.

5. A rich and varied supply of content

In the UK, 67% of marketers agree that case studies are one of the most effective marketing tactics available [Content Marketing Institute 2016]. They provide eye-catching and original content to share across social media, offer rich and varied examples for use in sales conversations and can help to support a segmented email marketing strategy. By varying the format and introducing video case studies you can also create a richer and more engaging content experience for your audience.

6. A low-cost yet invaluable source of insight

When you start talking to your customers about your product, you will find out much more about how it is really being used and why they value it. An external case study copywriter can listen to how your customer talks about your product and the language they use with a degree of objectivity that is not clouded by internal politics. This insight will give you a greater understanding of your customers’ challenges and help you produce marketing content that really speaks to your audience.

7. Strengthen existing customer relationships

Case studies provide invaluable content for your new business sales team but you should not forget the role they can also play in customer retention. When you invite a customer to share their story you are giving them an opportunity to promote their own business and its successes. This allows you to demonstrate how much you appreciate their loyalty and strengthen your relationship with them.

Everyone loves a good story, yet not everyone is best placed to write one. An expertly crafted case study can be a powerful marketing tool. At Oxford Content Company, we can help you to research, write or even film your next case study. If you would like to find out more about how we can help, contact us. We look forward to telling your story.

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