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The case of the exploding probe: what’s the cost of NOT proofreading and copyediting?

probe take off

You’ve lined up a blog series for the next few months, or perhaps you’re getting ready to launch your fully integrated campaign of white papers, social media and marketing materials. The content is fresh and fantastic, and it looks ready to go. Before you hit that ‘publish’ button, think for a moment – has it gone through a copyediting and proofreading stage?

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Is Content as a Service (CaaS) the future of content marketing?

group discuss ideas

CaaS is quite simply an acronym for ‘Content as a Service’. It’s fast becoming a significant area of marketing that’s helping to push businesses forward online. Research by the Content Marketing Institute has discovered that 88% of marketers employed in B2B marketing are producing at least one piece of written content every day. It also revealed that it’s not only marketers who are having to produce this content, but also those who work in sales – or anyone who needs to produce customer-facing content.

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Why every business should use a content marketing calendar

calendar on laptop

Nowadays, so much of what we do is pre-planned. Our diaries are pre-booked, our meetings are pre-scheduled and even our tweets are pre-organised. Although this pre-planning takes away some spontaneity, we believe that having an effective content marketing calendar is fundamental to maintaining a successful content marketing strategy. If you currently don’t have a content marketing calendar in place, here are a few reasons why you really should, and how you can get started…

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Reasons to love blogging

woman reading blog

Across Oxfordshire and the UK, billboards and buses, websites and TV screens are constantly pasted with new and eye-catching ways of getting product information in front of people. But how many people really love an endless stream of adverts? They’re functional, sure, but what if there was a way of boosting sales while creating something that people actually want to see?

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