Marketing & Sales Training

“I have seen Oxford Content Company in action with their sales training programmes and each and every time the businesses receiving the training are thrilled at the results. Individuals are always engaged and impressed with the solutions suggested by the trainer, and their managers are pleased to see their budget being spent so wisely. Feedback has always been excellent and business leaders return to OCC time and time again for further training to support their lead and revenue goals.”

Sales Manager, QA Ltd

More often than not, sales and marketing teams work against each other rather than together towards a common goal and this is where the challenges can really begin.

For example, your marketing team might be creating hundreds of leads, but sales aren’t following them up. Or sales might have insights and knowledge they want to share with marketing teams yet this isn't incorporated into campaign activity. Your teams can easily end up working in silos, to the detriment of your revenue targets and reputation.

Drawing on decades of experience, we can deliver on-site marketing and sales training. We have proven success in the marketing and sales training arena, and can tailor our sessions to your individual needs.

Perhaps your staff are working all hours but not achieving their lead and revenue goals? Maybe they are inexperienced but you don't have the time or resource available to give them the training they need to improve? Whatever your challenge, we can work provide marketing and sales training to achieve a number of outcomes including the following:

  • We will train your marketing team to create better copy and more effective campaigns
  • We will train your sales team to sell more effectively: from the first cold call to closing a deal
  • We will address the siloed approach and get your 'smarketing' teams collaborating for real impact 

Draw on our experience and improve the way your teams are working independently and together. We have proven success in the marketing and sales training arena so get in touch to find out how we can help you. Get to the root of the problem and make real improvements rather than papering over the cracks.

Many alleged solutions to the common gap between sales and marketing simply paper over the cracks. Contact us for bespoke marketing and sales training packages that will get to the root of the problem and make real improvements.

We're flexible with agendas, timing and the quantity of days required. It's your training course after all.