Customer Advocacy Programmes

When it comes to marketing, there’s no better way to spread the word than through third-party supporters like brand advocates.    

According to research from Forrester, only 18 percent of consumers trust brand influencers, but a staggering 92 percent believe in brand advocates. What’s more, nine out of 10 online consumers say that they trust recommendations from friends and family members over online ads. Given these facts, it’s no surprise that customer advocacy programmes are tipped to be one of the hottest upcoming trends in marketing.

We’ve been developing programmes like these for some of the UK’s leading brands for more than 10 years. But before we tell you how we can work with you to make the most of this hugely valuable yet often untapped resource, let’s quickly look at how these programmes work.

Building your networks

A customer advocacy programme is a structured strategy put in place to build your network of brand advocates. You’re not simply taking advantage of the free exposure and marketing potential of these advocates, but instead marshalling their feedback and interacting with them in a mutually beneficial relationship.

By putting in place a customer advocacy programme, you can increase brand awareness, develop strong customer loyalties and facilitate valuable customer feedback loops. When implemented properly, the programmes can lead to an increase in sales and a greater share of voice.

How to get started

These programmes need to be coordinated carefully. Without proper planning, you can risk upsetting or alienating the very audiences you want to engage. Fortunately, Oxford Content Company lives, eats and breathes customer advocacy programmes.

Plus, we have bundles of experience and are absolutely passionate about what we do. That’s why leading brands come to us to help them overcome their challenges, be it setting up a customer advocacy programme or building up a portfolio of case studies across different sectors.

  • Our small and focused team will work alongside you to encourage your customers to support your sales and marketing activities.
  • We will broadcast your customer stories through a range of different formats – everything from videos through to infographics, animations and PDF case studies.
  • And when you need references, we will find customers that are happy to speak to the press, sit in on calls and participate in events.

Working with an agency to create a customer advocacy programme is one of the most impactful things you can do to support business development. Contact us using the blue button below and we can have a chat about what we offer.