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Sophos has been producing antivirus and security encryption solutions for over 30 years. Their products help secure the networks of over 100,000 business users as well as many more end-users; their products are used in over 150 countries.

"As IT networks grow in complexity, we’re focused on keeping IT security simple and reliable. We know that a proper security strategy must include networks, servers and devices—all devices—managed easily through the cloud."

Mission statement, Sophos website


Sophos has a very wide business to business client base, yet many customers only use one or two products in their range. Sophos felt there was a case for creating an upsell campaign that targeted their existing client base with products they weren’t familiar with.

The business, due to its early involvement as a specialist provider of antivirus software, is often seen as just that. However, the product portfolio covers every element of IT security, whether it’s endpoint, server, network or cloud protection. They wanted to communicate their expertise as a full-protection solution to those clients who thought of them as just an antivirus protector.

There are numerous challenges facing IT teams in the workplace, particularly around safeguarding sensitive information and securely managing systems, networks and software. Sophos needed to make their existing customers aware of the issues and demonstrate how their suite of security products could help to wipe out, or contain, these threats.

Our work with Sophos

We have been working closely with Sophos on their marketing presence for over two years. During this time we have produced over 40 case studies – both written and filmed, helped them cover major events like their ‘Catch the wave’ partner tour and written a range of brochures. We’ve forged a close relationship with their marketing and sales teams and they now see us as their ‘go to’ team for developing marketing communications for their UK customers.

The upselling campaign: our approach Sophos segmented their existing database into different sizes, grouping customers into enterprise and midmarket. Each of these groups had concerns particular to their company size and security needs. We then identified overall themes for Sophos that resonated with each business group. These were:

  • Encryption and compliance (data security and adherence to IT regulations)
  • Virtual environments (issues with security in the cloud and BYOD)
  • Reducing complexities (eliminating cost, making things simpler with all-in-one solutions)

By utilising these three key themes we created a series of emails pertinent to each segment. Each email addressed one theme and how various parts of Sophos’ product suites could be utilised to help alleviate their pain points.


Our chosen themes highlighted problems that truly resonated with Sophos’ client base and this is reflected in the outstanding results. The email campaign generated an unprecedented level of interest in the entire Sophos suite and contributed to an uplift in leads of 20%.

As well as generating leads, the emails also made Sophos clients aware of the wider range of products and hit home that the company is not just an antivirus provider.

Our work on upselling Sophos products in the UK was so successful that this campaign has been rolled out to Sophos in other territories. In addition, they requested additional services for the development of a direct mail piece that also highlights cross-selling opportunities to their existing client base. We continue to be a trusted marketing agency that Sophos can rely on for all their copywriting and filming requirements.


"Oxford Content Company are a highly professional and efficient team who get the job done to an excellent standard. I feel confident in asking them to manage the project from end-to-end and they are able to quickly deliver solutions that the customer, partner and Sophos are all happy with."

Head of Marketing, UKI, Sophos

"…a valuable asset in supporting our marketing team, they understand our needs as a B2B technology company and bring innovative ideas to each project they work on."

Marketing Executive, Sophos