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Network Utilities (Systems) Ltd has been providing identity-centric network and security solutions to organisations ranging from telecoms and ISPs to large corporates and SMEs for over 20 years. They partner closely with both industry-leading and niche technology vendors to bring customers the best solutions the industry has to offer.


Network Utilities has a small marketing team, who are focused on providing all kinds of content to their audience, including web, direct mail and social media, as well as a regular and time-consuming events presence.

They wanted to create a series of case studies detailing past customer successes, but hadn’t the resources or time to focus on developing them.

Our approach

We initially met with Network Utilities at Infosecurity 2013 (a data security trade show). We approached them to discuss writing case studies because we had experience in their vertical and an in-depth knowledge of similar products. The events team put us in touch with their marketing manager to discuss further.

As a result Network Utilities commissioned us to write six case studies for them. We understood that these needed careful management as they required the full engagement, agreement and understanding of the customer. From having experience as a client as well as an agency, we understand the pain points that Network Utilities customers face when being interviewed for case studies. But we carefully managed their customers and crafted our questions in order to get the very best out of them, making sure they were comfortable with our approach and creating great content in the process.

Once the interviews were over, we wrote and designed simple and impactful case studies that detailed the customer’s challenges and Network Utilities’ role – with an eye firmly on the results and what they meant for the company and their customers.


Our case studies were very well received by Network Utilities. They were impressed with our client management skills and our approach to interviewing. They even asked us how we managed to get so much relevant and detailed information from their customers.

The marketing team now have a dedicated resource to call upon for help when they can’t resource content creation in-house.

As a result of this pilot project, Network Utilities has plans for more case studies with us, and has adopted our design as a template for all their existing case studies.

“Julie and her team are approachable and easy to work with. Managing case studies through to completion can be time consuming and challenging. It was extremely important to us to have an agency we could trust to manage the process from start to finish.”
Vanessa Cardwell, Marketing Manager, Network Utilities