Cyance case study

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Cyance is an award-winning b2b data and marketing agency set up in 2007, and their offices are located in Milton Keynes. They create and run campaigns for a wide selection of national and international clients, including those in communications, media and technology sectors. Their aim is to utilise “the best marketing technology, techniques and minds to deliver outstanding results”.


When we first met with Cyance in August 2011 they were juggling a large portfolio of freelance copywriters. Often, work came in late and styles were inconsistent, or misaligned with the client’s core messaging, creating additional work for the team. Overall, Cyance felt that their copywriting representation wasn’t hitting the mark for their wide client base, and it was close to affecting the success of their projects.

Our approach

We liaised with Cyance to shape an understanding of the types of content and messaging that they required. From our extensive experience both client and agency side, we developed strategies for content and produced great-quality copy that focused on their clients’ needs, all within short time frames and with a consistent tone of voice.

Our professional writing style, business acumen and attention to detail meant that we soon became their favoured agency for copywriting. In just a few months, Cyance began to use us as a white-label agency, often inviting us to face-to-face or telephone meetings with their clients. We worked exclusively with 10 of their client accounts on a range of inbound and outbound campaigns and content challenges including:

  • Blogging
  • E-shots
  • Web copy
  • Brochures
  • Guides and white papers
  • eBooks•Social media
  • Case studies
  • Infographics

Clients we have worked with through Cyance include:

  • Computer technology companies (Arrow OCS, Sophos)
  • Communications management and devices (Motorola Solutions, Olive)
  • Assurance and Risk Management providers (Integrc)
  • Education leasing agencies (Maxxia)
  • App-ordering businesses (Preoday)
  • Membership services (Institute of Directors)

Motorola Solutions’ new UK retail blog

  • In 2013 we were involved in developing a new blog ‘Think Retail’ for Motorola Solutions
  • Our friendly and professional thought leadership blogging style with focus on the product offerings was popular with the client and customers alike
  • We created one blog each week on a hot topic relevant to the retail industry, with clear links to products and extra resources
  • Some posts have had over 3,000 views (with over 100,000 views for all posts over 39 weeks)
  • Cyance became the yardstick for other Motorola departments in developing their own blogging strategies


Oxford Content Company became Cyance’s sole copywriting agency. They felt confident with us meeting clients and suggesting content strategies, as well as doing a whole host of other activities, including:

Local interim support

With Oxford Content Company Cyance had a local business they could turn to for campaigns, but also to fill gaps in their workforce: we often stepped in to be an ad hoc marketing support in between hires. We even hosted their Think Tank events in autumn 2013, which were a huge success.

Professional filming

Cyance used our professional-quality filming service for their messaging as well as their clients’. Over the past few years we’ve helped them to develop their presence online with some videos focusing on their strengths, such as social media and data.

Award entries

Through our copywriting prowess we’ve helped Cyance to enter and win numerous accolades including:

  • B2B Marketing awards 2012/2013
  • CRN awards 2013
  • Data IQ awards 2013
  • Database Marketing awards 2013
  • Database Marketing awards 2014
  • B2B Marketing awards shortlist 2014


Our timely and affordable services in delivering meticulous business-focused copy paired with our reliable and flexible resourcing meant that Cyance had found a great partner in Oxford Content Company. This meant they could offer premium marketing services to their clients from a credible and professional content representative.

“Oxford Content Company has been a trustworthy and reliable source of quality content to us over the years and we would definitely recommend their work to others. They are very professional in front of clients and have formed part of large campaign teams, working on projects for our biggest clients. The team at Oxford Content Company never miss a deadline and their work always closely aligns to the briefs we give them. They are highly skilled content creators.”