Critchleys Case Study

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Critchleys LLP are a chartered accountant, financial planning, human resources and consulting firm offering a variety of services for businesses, individuals and non-profit organisations across the globe. Based in Oxford, the company was founded over 100 years ago and is still going strong.

Their challenges

The HR and Payroll arm of Critchleys LLP meets the needs of businesses for all aspects of staff management, employment law and outsourcing payroll or pensions.

Their work featured as just one small part of the vast Critchleys website and therefore wasn’t being found enough in searches; many of the important services they have to offer were just buried within sub menus.

They commissioned the web design team at Urban Element to develop a mini-site for just HR and Payroll with the intention that they would write the content for each page themselves.

The problem

The website’s completion date was looming and the copy still wasn’t written. In the busy Critchleys team there just wasn’t enough resource to dedicate to working on the copy which was beginning to hold up the entire web project. 

The solution

Fiona Armitage, a partner at Critchleys HR and Payroll approached us at a networking event. She’d already heard of our work through our collaborations with Urban Element, and thought that we would be an excellent company to write the web content that they didn’t have the time to do themselves.

We were more than happy to take on the project and spoke to Fiona over the phone to determine requirements including:

  • -Writing the copy in friendly, relaxed, approachable, yet professional tone of voice - credible without being too ‘stuffy’
  • -The inclusion of topical subjects such as auto-enrolment for pension schemes
  • -Creating copy that addressed what their competitors were promoting
  • -Targeting SMEs that have no HR or a small HR department

Our work

  • -We read and digested the support materials that Critchleys gave us
  • -Using GatherContent content software we created and shared content with Critchleys and Urban Element
  • -We worked with Urban Element to define and include a long list of strong SEO keywords

We developed the new copy incorporating all of these elements, in just a matter of days.

There were very few changes to our first draft and Critchleys were very happy with the copy. After analysing the copy for SEO effectiveness, Urban Element slotted it right into their design and were able to finish the project on time. Everyone was able breathe a sigh of relief because the deadlines had been met. 


“I am so glad that I engaged Oxford Content Company to write our new website copy. They quickly grasped our key messages and turned them into clear, readable and persuasive content. They also worked to a very tight deadline and turned everything around in two days, making me wonder why I'd struggled for weeks to write it myself! I will be passing all copywriting over to Oxford Content Company in future."
Fiona Armitage: Partner, Critchleys HR & Payroll LLP

As with other projects, working with Julie and the Oxford Content Company team has been both professional and a pleasure. Content is always the factor that holds up web projects. Julie and her team have provided a high quality content writing service which has allowed our web design team to produce a highly optimised and responsive site. Thanks to working with Oxford Content Company the project has finished on time to budget and to the client’s satisfaction.”
Jon Ellard, Director, Urban Element