XP Pro Survival Kit for Arrow OCS

By working with one of our marketing agency clients we were asked to create a help guide for Arrow OCS customers worldwide. The end of support for XP Pro in 2014 was proving complicated, with far-reaching implications for many technology companies.

Arrow OCS wanted to seize this opportunity and create a strategy guide offering ways to support their customers and prospects.

This piece of content formed part of a two-year-long engagement with Arrow OCS: we had already been working closely with them as a white labelled member of the agency’s team on email campaigns, brochures, web copy, blogs and more.

Following a conference call with a number of stakeholders we went away to carry out our own research. We were then able to work closely with the account managers at the marketing agency, their designers and their client to hone the content until it was exactly what the client was looking for.

Rather than being a sales-led piece Arrow OCS needed this to be a thought leadership led piece of content, with clear and attractive design work.

We achieved this within a matter of days. The client was happy and this piece of work was distributed across the globe through the use of an email campaign which we also wrote for them.