Video creation with a reveal for Sophos

We’ve worked with Sophos for years and we consistently develop both written and filmed content that they’re completely delighted with. This video was no exception.

We were asked to film a video interview with a company CIO and IT security manager to discuss how and why they deployed Sophos products in their office environment.

But there was a twist… the people we interviewed actually worked at Sophos – the idea being that Sophos has such faith in their product that they’re willing to use it for protecting their own systems. We reveal who they are and who they work for just before the end of the video.

The CIO in the film is a well-known and respected industry spokesperson. He regularly speaks at conferences, so we developed a script with him that best summarised typical security issues within businesses and how Sophos products can alleviate/anticipate these. 

The video was aimed at CIOs and IT security teams, to show them just how good Sophos products are at managing threats in an office setting. 

To segue between points and illustrate the interview’s security-focused content we developed a series of small animations that are peppered throughout the video. We also featured some external and internal shots of the Sophos offices (with signage removed until the surprise ending).

We pride ourselves on being excellent value for money, combining great professional services with very reasonable pricing. Sophos was impressed with what we delivered. They liked our mixture of quality filming, good scripting and animations to bring the Sophos ‘reveal’ to life – all at a budget-friendly price. 

It was a great success for the client, who has used it on their site as well as in email and PR campaigns.