Video case study for education software provider UniServity

UniServity approached Oxford Content Company and asked us to produce a short case study video about their product Life. We worked with them to find out their requirements and subsequently managed the project from end to end.

We organised the filming date with the school and let them know what to expect on the day. UniServity asked us to interview a number of stakeholders so we made sure they were comfortable with the types of questions we were going to ask them beforehand.

The filming went smoothly and we were also able to film students using the product in the classroom, having checked that it was ok to do so with parents and teachers before the filming day.

We spent half a day at the school and made sure we didn't take up too many precious teaching and learning hours. The results speak for themselves: everyone who was filmed conveys a positive message about Life and seems relaxed and at ease in front of the camera, testament to the skills of our interviewer. We always make sure our interviewees are comfortable, first and foremost. Our clients' clients are as important to us as our clients are and we always ensure they are looked after during filming projects.

UniServity was incredibly pleased with this video: it's short, fast paced and makes an impact. It was used for marketing purposes: email campaigns, on the website, and at the BETT show. The film was delivered with very little input from the UniServity team, including seeking sign off from the school. This was a fully managed service approach to a video case study that UniServity was very happy with.