Making waiting easier with Life for UniServity

One of the biggest events in the European educational conference calendar is BETT, which takes place in London every January. It’s where all the educational leaders and technology companies meet to discuss new ways to work and teach.

For UniServity, an experienced e-learning platform provider for UK and international markets, it’s a huge event for networking and meeting new clients. They have over 18 years’ expertise within the education market, so needed a team who understood their work and was able to create rich media content that stood out among the crowd. With our wide expertise working for companies that have served the education sector, we were the natural choice.

They approached us wanting a new promotional video that could serve as a rolling graphic above their event stand. They wanted it to be short but to hold the attention of anyone who might be waiting for someone to be free for a chat.

Their brief requested a 2.5-minute video that was both impactful, modern and engaging to look at; something that takes the pain out of waiting for a representative to be free, while demonstrating their brand new product, Life 2.

We developed a crisp, clean video that combined animation, screenshots, music and powerful copy to really introduce and explain what Life was, and what it could do for an institution. We combined features with benefits and testimonials.

Dawn Mullholland, the CEO of UniServity, was delighted with the results. She felt that it went above and beyond their brief. They now regularly use the video to introduce Life 2 in their marketing campaigns, because it’s a great way to show everything the product has to offer in one short video.