Filming multiple education sites for Sophos UTM

Sophos has worked with us for several years and we’ve always consistently met and exceeded every challenge they’ve sent our way. This included filming this video for the education sector, showcasing the Sophos Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution.

The brief was to create a film that featured each element of the UTM product, with sections being introduced by Sophos and then interspersed with testimonials from schools, colleges and universities.

For the testimonials we interviewed three separate educational establishments:

  • City of Bristol College
  • University of Oxford
  • United Learning

The filming schedule for each of these establishments had to be sympathetic to their priorities, so we coordinated our video production around them.

To make the filming of these disparate sites a reality – and in keeping with tight deadlines, we partnered with another video production company. We worked closely with them to ensure that we maintained the look and feel of the video that we and the client wanted.

We developed a script beforehand to ensure that all the features and elements of the UTM were demonstrated and some good comments about them were recorded from each institution. The idea was to tease out the true practical benefits of the product to promote to the education market.

We added screenshots to fully illustrate the product, and created short animation elements to enable smooth transitions between each point and testimonial. This was in addition to some scene-setting shots of the buildings and classrooms.

The whole video needed to appeal to key educational stakeholders – head teachers, bursars and IT managers all needed to understand UTM’s worth.

The client was absolutely delighted with the resulting video. With the right script, good filming techniques and tight scheduling we brought it in on time and within budget. The client signed it off quickly and has been showing it to education prospects ever since.