Datasheets, blogs, email campaigns and social media

We have been working with Motorola Retail Solutions for a number of years, our team regularly feeding content into their marketing teams based in Basingstoke, UK.

The content creation work we have carried out for them over the years includes:

  • Weekly blog creation

  • Website copywriting

  • Email campaign content creation

  • Guides

  • Datasheets

  • Social media content

This work formed part of a higher level content creation strategy, involving lead nurturing, thought leadership and a clear path for prospects and customers to follow as they passed through the marketing funnel.

Every month we created a social media content calendar for them to copy and paste into LinkedIn and Twitter. These tweets and posts aligned with their objectives of promoting a product, event or piece of thought leadership content.

Social media posts then linked through to the related blog posts that we had written for them, and in turn, these linked through to a gated landing page where readers could download a guide or a datasheet in exchange for their contact details. As prospects passed through each stage they became a ‘warmer’ prospect, and once categorised as ‘warm’ were called by a member of the Motorola Retail Solutions team.

The piece of content you can see here is a datasheet to support a new product launch. The team wanted to create a brief piece of written content that could be downloaded and read in a matter of minutes. It provided the reader with 10 reasons to use the new product along with a testimonial / social proof, important when encouraging a prospect to take action.