Case study creation for The Cabling Company

The Cabling Company asked us to create hidden case studies on their website. They wanted to provide an element of social proof on their site, without giving too much away to their competitors. We went to visit The Cabling Company at their premises and found out more about their objectives, their industry and their existing marketing activities.

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They gave us the contact details of the education establishment they wanted us to interview and from there we fully managed the process from start to finish.

We contacted the college and carried out a telephone interview with the stakeholders there. We then wrote the case study and worked with the team to make a number of amends and to source any images we needed. We suggested ways for The Cabling Company to hide the case study on their website, making it easy to source for genuine customers and impossible for competitors to see. 

We worked with The Cabling Company’s web design agency to organise this by using gated landing pages, for which we also provided our copywriting services. 

The managing director of The Cabling Company also wanted to distribute the case study to a database of higher and further education establishments. We sourced the data for them, designed and built an email campaign in keeping with their existing branding, and sent the email out, providing them with a list of warm leads as a result of our marketing campaign services. 

The Cabling Company was very pleased with the process and immediately commissioned another case study. They plan to create a range of case studies for all verticals in 2015. 

“I contacted OCC to write/design a case study for our business and would highly recommend them. The case study they put together exceeded all expectations and we were very pleased. And in fact we are already working together on our next one.”